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Black Friday warnings

Police in the region are warning people to stay safe Photo: Press Association

There are warnings for people to stay safe as they go out to celebrate the festive season. This Friday is known as "Black Friday" with many people going to the office Christmas party

Police officers and volunteers, including Street Angels and Police Community Support Volunteers, are already patrolling town centres in Bradford, Wakefield, Calderdale, Kirklees, Keighley and Leeds on weekends to give residents information leaflets, 'drink spikey's and advice on how to stay safe.

The message once again in 2012 is that revellers should never leave drinks unattended, only use pre-booked taxis or catch hackney taxis from official ranks, and not make themselves vulnerable through drinking too much.

Officers will also be handing out guidance to warn revellers and Christmas shoppers to keep bags and pockets secure to protect against sneak thieves, and also advise about the risks of becoming involved in violence through drink.

The Christmas season often sees an increased risk of these offences taking place and excess Christmas alcohol consumption is almost always a key factor.

Sadly time and again we hear of women who have put themselves at risk on nights out through being too drunk, or of men and women who have lost control and committed acts of violence against their partners or others through too much booze.

Offences such as one punch manslaughter clearly demonstrate how a flash of alcohol fuelled temper can result in life-changing consequences for the victim’s family and the perpetrator left facing years in prison as a result of seeing red.

– Detective Chief Inspector Mack McManus of West Yorkshire Police

It is as road safety charities are urging people not to be tempted to get behind the wheel after going to a party.