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Picture: The last of the snow

Snow scene, South Yorkshire, Winter 2013 Photo: Keith Brown
Colton Village Credit: Morgan Powell, aged 12
Sunrise in Sheffield Saturday 26th January Credit: Geoff Forrest
Snowdog in Earlsheaton Credit: Richard Ellis
This goalie thinks he's really cool! Credit: Allan Turford, Bolsover
Ice and sunshine Credit: Keith Hazelwood
Neville Hill depot Friday 25th January Credit: Nacine Jeffery
Selby Canal Credit: Patricia Morris
Ronnie and Ronnie the Rhino in Morley Credit: Jodie Brown
Good day sunshine! Credit: Andrew Colley, Intake
Myrtle Park, Bingley Credit: Stephen Auker
'The Clarks' getting comfy in the snow at Normanton Credit: The Clark family
Winter Wonderland in Leeds Credit: DAVID HUDSON