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Bradford City Blog: "No recriminations"

Kevin Mitchell's final blog about the Bantams big day Photo: Kevin Mitchell

We were defeated but we’re not demoralized although as an ardent fan and student of the game, as 30,000 of us experts will testify, we didn’t perform – at all! Never-the-less it would be churlish to moan, we’re 2 million quid better off and we’ve had a good run, City should put it behind them and to coin that common cliché – ‘concentrate on the League’!

The day was superb as a spectacle and anyone that’s not been to Wembley, you must go the atmosphere is wonderful and organization exceptional but the chips are a rip off!! Four quid for around a couple of dozen chips made from two spuds divided by a bag of 10 from Tesco costing £1.98 and well I’ll leave the maths to you to calculate the profit. (Apologies this is from a guy that turns off the lights every time he goes out of a room – it’s a Dad thing or grandad now)

Bradford City's big day at Wembley Credit: Kevin Mitchell

I digress, the game was as flat as the proverbial you know what from City’s point of view and 20 minutes from time even Swansea looked bored but the Bantams fans weren’t as they sung their hearts out, waved their flags while standing up for over half an hour and made it a real occasion.

The claret and amber colours made the scene - well - colourful! The bottom line to all of this is; City are on the map after a magnificent and unprecedented Cup run, we’re still in the promotion hunt and we’re now solvent, which are all great pluses. Me? I had a magnificent day with my son and a lot of close pals, a safe journey home and happy in the knowledge that Wembley are making a killing out of selling loads of extortionately priced chips!!

Kevin at Wembley blogging for ITV Calendar Credit: Kevin Mitchell

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