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New era for Grimsby Docks

Grimsby Docks Photo:

Up to 50 new jobs are expected to be created as an extension to the lock gates at Grimsby Docks opens. The Lock Gate improvements will enable the port to be a base for green energy companies. The longer, larger vessels which provide essential maintenance to the wind farms being constructed off the east coast will now be able to use Grimsby as a port. A higher number of smaller vessels will also be able to enter and leave the dock. This will create a huge potential to secure new investment in the offshore wind sector in North East Lincolnshire and allow the area to support the new and emerging industries looking to invest in the area.

The lock gate extension is a crucial investment in the infrastructure of North East Lincolnshire. We are firmly committed to proactively working in partnership to offer the support required to enable the area to become the leading offshore operations and maintenance hub in the UK and Europe. The arrival of E.ON and the work they are starting on the Enterprise Zone is also excellent news and this development was enabled by working in partnership to deliver the lock gate extension.

On-going investment within this area can significantly benefit local businesses and communities bringing jobs and wealth into North East Lincolnshire and enabling the development of the Port of Grimsby and working towards achieving sustainable economic growth for the Humber and Lincolnshire."

– Jason Longhurst, Head of Development