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Mother fears she is victim of Spanish baby trafficking scandal

Ruth Appelby went on to have two healthy children Photo: Calendar news

A mother from North Yorkshire fears the baby she was told had died at birth twenty years ago may have been sold for adoption by a criminal network of doctors, nurses, priests and nuns. Ruth Appelby never saw her baby daughter, Rebecca, who was delivered by cesarean section and her request for a photograph was dismissed as "perverse" by doctors. She and her then husband were living in Northern Spain at the time. Ruth went on to have two healthy children and on the family's return to England, asked for her baby to be cremated so she could take her ashes back with her. But she claims when she accidentally saw the the skeleton in the coffin, it was that of a much older child. She now fears her baby daughter may have been sold on for adoption. It's feared thousands of newborns may have been taken from their mothers during Spain's suspected lucrative baby trade - it has provoked angry demonstrations in the country, calling for justice. Ruth is being helped in her plight by her MP, Foreign Secretary William Hague.

There have been angry demonstrations in Spain Credit: Calendar news