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Weather: Jon Mitchell's facts about the wind

The strong winds are affecting some people Photo: PA
  • Wind is simply the movement of air
  • It is caused by differences in air pressure. Air rushes from high pressure areas to lower ones
  • Short bursts of wind moving at high speeds are known as gusts
  • Depending on their strength, winds can be known as light, moderate, fresh, strong, gale, severe gale, storm or hurricane
  • Wind direction is given by the direction from which the wind comes
  • Weather vanes are used to indicate wind direction
  • Anemometers are used to measure wind speed
  • Aircraft take off and land into the wind
  • Sea breezes occur because heat from the Sun takes longer to warm the sea than the land, creating a difference in air pressure.
  • Highest wind speed recorded in the UK is 173mph at Cairn Gorm summit on 20 March 1986

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