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New wind farm rules could help community objections

Wind turbines Photo: ITV Calendar

Some see them as a blot on the landscape while others believe they could be the future of green energy, but today, those who believe wind turbines are a rural monstrosity have welcomed new rules that could make it easier to stop them from being built.

The Government has published new rules which mean communities will be consulted sooner, but those which say yes to turbines could get financial incentives.

In the villages around Selby there has been a four year campaign against plans for a proposed new wind farm. Today's new rules should make it easier for communities to block such plans. They are being welcomed by Howard Ferguson who has led that campaign:

Communities will now be consulted sooner. Those that give plans the thumbs up will get more money from developers, either for the community or in cheaper energy bills. And councils will be told the push for renewable energy isn't more important than environmental or community concerns. The changes were outlined in the Commons where the Selby and Ainsty MP Nigel Adams showed his approval:

The new guidance will be sent to councils shortly. It will then take time to see what effect it has on current and future windfarm proposals.

Watch James Webster's full report on the changes below: