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Stand By Your Man: Prostate cancer awareness campaign

Stand By Your Man Photo: Calendar

ITV's campaign is taking place in the run up to Father's Day and we want women get involved too, pledging their voice to talk to the men in their lives about how prostate cancer can be identified, treated or monitored, potentially saving thousands of lives every year. You can make your pledge here.

The Standby Your Man campaign Credit: PA

This week here we're running a campaign with the charity Prostate Cancer UK to raise awareness of the disease, which kills at least one man every hour in this country. Men are more likely to ignore health problems than women.

Ignorance surrounding prostate cancer has contributed to its rise and is set to be the most common cancer by 2030. We'll be talking those living with the disease and to medical experts who will be telling us about the symptoms and why some men are more at risk than others.

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