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Tuba world record challenge

Tuba players warm-up for Tubarama world record attempt Photo: Tubarama

Hundreds of tuba players will gather at York's Knavesmire today in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest tuba ensemble._**

The current record stands at 502 participants, who played Christmas Carols for an event organized by TUBACHRISTMAS in Anaheim, USA, on 21 December 2007. _**

Peter Scott, with the support of Brassed On York Ltd, is hoping that York 2013 will see that record tumble by bringing together at least 550 tuba players from all musical backgrounds for 'Tubarama'._**

Tubas, sousaphones, marching tubas and tenor tubas (euphoniums) are all permitted instruments for the record-beating attempt. The only qualifications are that you are a competent player, that you play the same instrument throughout and do not share it with anyone else, and that you play the music provided and do not improvise._**

The record attempt will include a selection of familiar pieces from brass band repertoires, but also a couple of new arrangements. All music will be available to download and practise in advance and it will be playable for all levels of musicianship._**

Other brass players are encouraged to come along, with their instruments, to this family-friendly event on York's racecourse, which will culminate in a come-all-ye massed brass finale (this music will also be available to download). Gates open at 11.00am and the official World Record Attempt takes place at 2.30pm._**

Tubarama will be a family-friendly day out, a chance to picnic, play, meet friends , browse stalls and even busk if you are In a small ensemble that would like to entertain the audience informally beforehand. There will be a Tuba Village with trade stands, refreshments and a demonstration tent. _**

The organisers are particularly keen to encourage new and young players to take up the tuba, which, like the euphonium, is officially classed as an 'endangered instrument'._**