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Partygoers' good deed gets noticed

The group managed to unbend the metal hoop Photo: Boston Borough Council

To show that a good deed doesn't go unnoticed, Boston council's released CCTV footage of a group fixing a bike rack which had been hit by a car to find them and say thank you.

The group managed to unbend the previously-damaged thick metal hoop. The bike station, near a fast-food shop just off the Market Place, had been severely bent by a car running into it. The strong metal hoop had been twisted almost down to the ground.

We recorded the whole sequence. At first two lads had a go and then encouraged others to help. At one point five were pushing and pulling. To look at the bike rack now you would hardly know it had been damaged.

The night-time economy is not all about bad lads doing bad things.

– Peter Hunn, Boston Borough Council's principal community safety officer