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Afghan six: Rescuers 'faced scene of devastation'

The Afghan six who lost their lives in the explosion Photo: Calendar

Soldiers who tried to go to the aid of their stricken colleagues when their armoured vehicle was blown up faced a scene of devastation.

Sergeant Michael Watts, of 3 Yorks, who was travelling in a second Warrior armoured vehicle told the inquest into the deaths of the six men that the vehicle's turret was blown off - and it and the wreckage of the Warrior were engulfed in flames.

He said he and other rescuers used 15 fire extinguishers to tackle the fire but they made no impact because of the ferocity of the blaze. He said he realised quickly that no one could have survived the explosion and fire.

Today Michael Davison, a lawyer for some of the victims' families said they wanted to thank Sgt Watts and his colleagues for their "extraordinary bravery" in trying to rescue the men.