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Galloway calls Hamzah review "whitewash"

"We are expected to believe from this review that despite numerous inquiries and alerts, from neighbours, the involvement of the police, teachers, social services - a whole multiplicity of agencies - despite the obvious signs from the house, the smell which was overpowering, the state of the other children, that the death of Hamzah Khan could not be predicted. Well what could be predicted, and I did, is that those investigating this deeply sad and troubling death, would thoroughly coat themselves in whitewash, which they have done. Hamzah's mother is responsible, but he has been failed not just by those who should have been there for him but those who are now attempting to cover it up.

"This so-called serious case review is social workers investigating themselves, which is totally unacceptable. Professor Nick Frost...blames a system failure, as if no human had any involvement in creating, implementing or monitoring the system. We need a thorough, independent and urgent inquiry into this catastrophic failure and all of those involved in signing-off on this charade removed from any future involvement. It's more than a serious case for concern, it's a serious case for reform."

– George Galloway Respect MP Bradford West

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