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Gales and Floods Elsewhere but Why Not Here?

Rough Seas at Filey. Photo: Photo: JULIE FOLDS

Gales and floods in other parts of the country have been dominating the news over the last 24 hours, so why haven't we been affected this time as much as we were in early December?

The flooding along the east coast (the worst for 60 years) was due to a combination of three factors; A high 'spring' tide, a tidal surge due to a deep are of low-pressure over the North Sea and gales from a northerly quarter.

Spring tides have nothing to do with the season, it is a name given to high tidal ranges that occur twice a month when the moon and the sun pull in the same direction rather than against each other when we have 'neap' tides with low tidal ranges.

This month's spring tides are in fact higher than they were in December but the other two elements required for east coast flooding are missing (thankfully!).

Winds are blowing from a southerly quarter so the seas are not 'piled' onshore along the east coast.

Also, the deep area of low pressure, which raises sea-levels locally is situated off the northwest coast of Scotland rather than in the north Sea.

Consequently rough seas and coastal flooding is confined mainly to south and west facing coasts of the U.K.

Weather wise this weekend we can expect a spell of rain Saturday (which may fall as wet snow on the highest Dales and Pennines)

Sunday will start fine and bright but wind and rain is expected later in the day.

Have a nice weekend and stay up to date with the forecast.