1. ITV Report

Sunday stats, plus in-depth forecast for the new week.

Saxton, North Yorkshire. Photo: John Earnshaw

Very windy today, the strongest regional gust recorded at Loftus, Cleveland, 69mph.

For interest's sake, the maximum UK gust was recorded in North Wales, 93mph.


Largely dry, breezy and cloudy, rain for hills. Clear spells over Lincolnshire. Frost free, lows 6-8c.


Monday starts wet and remains so until around lunchtime.

Mainly dry and bright by Monday afternoon, some really decent spells of sunshine, odd shower in the west. Winds continue to ease but it will still be breezy from the SW. A little cooler than Sunday at 9-10c but still above average for the time of year.

Rain continues on and off on Monday night. Lots of cloud, breezy, mild.


Bright spells and showers, blustery.


More of the same. Further showers, not as heavy as Tuesday. Sun and showers, the heaviest of those in the west, best sun further east.

The next band of rain comes in overnight into Thursday.


Rain clears to sun and showers.

Cooler on Friday. Nothing severe throughout the week.