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Calendar Weather - Rest of the weekend

Whisby Nature Reserve, near Lincoln on Good Friday NEIL ROBERTS Photo:

The Easter Weekend has begun on a very positive note - dry with much lighter winds and some decent spells of sunshine. But how long can the settled conditions hang on for?

It continues to look like a weekend of two halves - the first half staying mainly fine and dry with some lovely spring sunshine. The second half a little more unsettled.

There will be a gradual decline as the weekend progresses. There still is a degree of uncertainty on how much and how far the weather will deteriorate from the southeast during Sunday, but it will definitely turn cloudier. Winds will be stronger. It will feel cooler - especially for eastern coasts, and the risk of rain is much higher.

Here's your CALENDAR forecast for the rest of the weekend........

High pressure slips away allowing low pressure to edge in cloud, wind and rain from the southeast by Sunday


It will be a dry and sunny day, although a little more cloud around the coasts making it feel cooler out of the sunshine. Average temperatures inland - reaching 12°C.


It will stay dry and mostly clear, becoming cold again with the risk of a frost in some places. Lows to 0°C in shelter.


A chilly start. It will stay dry and bright through the day with some sunshine, although more in the way of patchy cloud in the afternoon. Light winds. A little warmer inland 13 °C but feeling cooler at the coast.


Turning cloudier and windier with some rain later. Feeling chilly, reaching no more than 11°C.


Monday remains unsettled - breezy with rain or showers at times but a little warmer where sunshine develops. Highs 14°C.