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Weekend's Weather Outlook

Mist over Meltham Photo: Photo: SANDIE NICHOLSON

There's an old Yorkshire weather saying:

'When the wind's in the east - It's no good for man nor beast.'

It's all to do with the wind blowing from the North Sea which is a source of cold, often damp air at any time of the year. Sadly, this weekend the wind is 'in the east'

Rain Friday afternoon will be heavy at times and possibly thundery but there will be some brighter weather moving into South Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire.

Friday night will see more rain and drizzle along with extensive low cloud and this will give hill fog on Trans-Pennine routes; so not very nice driving conditions. The overnight low: 8C

Saturday will dawn cloudy and misty with hill fog and outbreaks of rain. Brighter weather will spread north during the day so it will brighten up with some sunshine but there will also be some showers, some possibly thundery. Expected highs: 12C

Sunday will be a marginally better day with some sunshine but still with showers and a lot of cloud and still, unfortunately, with that pesky easterly wind. It should feel less cold inland though with highs around 14C.

Into next week the unsettled weather continues with rain at times but a tad warmer as the easterly winds turn westerly.

Finally @philatkinson44 asks me on twitter what the difference is between mist and fog.

Fog is defined in the Meteorological Glossary as a horizontal visibility of less than 1000 metres.This definition was derived for aviation purposes and unofficially a horizontal visibility of 200 metres or less is considered more appropriate for motoring and general purposes.

Mist is therefore defined as horizontal visibility of 1000m or more but curiously there is no defined upper limit.

I hope that's clear!

Have a nice weekend and stay up to date with the forecast, brought to you this weekend by Kerrie Gosney.