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Weather Outlook for the Holiday Weekend

Busy Scarborough at Easter Photo: Photo: PETE WINTON

It's turned out nice for many in Calendarland today (Tuesday) but there have been some thundery showers in the south of England. Tomorrow (Wednesday) it's likely to be our turn as the air turns more unstable.

Wednesday will again dawn quite grey and misty but as it brightens up and the sun comes out, temperatures will increase to around 18C, deep cumulus clouds will develop leading to showers, some thundery with hail, especially, but not exclusively in Pennine areas. Further east towards the coast it is likely to stay dry but much more cloudy and consequently cooler.

Thursday: expect cloudy skies with showery outbreaks of rain and only a few bright intervals.

All change for Friday though. Behind a cold front the weather will be clear and dry with plenty of sunshine BUT it will feel noticeably cooler with highs around 12C at best.

A touch of frost is likely Friday night which will lead into another cool but bright day Saturday with sunny spells.

Saturday's Weather Chart Credit: ITV Weather/Met Office

At the moment (Tuesday) the rest of the holiday weekend looks fine and dry but again on the cool side.

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