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Calendar Weather - Rest of the Week

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After a gradual decline on Holiday Monday, and a spell of rain evening/overnight, a showery westerly feed of weather sets in for the next few days.

Despite some sunshine, and temperatures hovering around average, low pressure is in charge bringing weather fronts our way for the rest of this week - thickening cloud amounts, bringing more organised areas of rain at times.

the Pennines will provide some shelter from the westerly flow - east will be best for drier and brighter conditions.

Here's your Calendar forecast.......


Sunshine becoming increasingly hazy as cloud thickens up, some showery rain reaching Pennine areas late afternoon/evening. Breezy but feeling warm. Highs for Lincolnshire/ North Norfolk between 17 -19°C.


Generally cloudy with rain becoming more persistent and heavy for a time, spreading east. After midnight the rain will become more showery and clearing most areas by morning. Mild and breezy. Lows 9 °C.


Sunny spells developing after early cloud and rain clears eastern counties. Many parts staying dry but probably some scattered heavy showers during the afternoon. Rather breezy but pleasantly warm in sunshine. Highs 17 °C.


Wednesday and Thursday will be breezy with some sunshine. Cloudy at times with rain or showers.

A spell of more organised rain again to end the week on Friday, some of it heavy, but clearing again to sunny spells and showers later.

Near normal temperatures