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Bank Holiday Weather Outlook

Doncaster cloud Photo: Photo: DIANE WARDLEY

The holiday weekend is approaching and, somewhat typically, the weather has taken a turn for the worse. (If only the weather was the same as last weekend!)

So why has the weather gone downhill?

There's two reasons:

Firstly the wind direction has changed. Instead of Mediterranean air we are now getting our air more from a northerly quarter - from the north Atlantic, so the air is inherently colder and more moist.

Secondly we now have low pressure instead of high pressure that we were enjoying last weekend. This means that the air is more unstable and is thus more conducive to cloud and rain development.

So what's in prospect for the weekend?

At the moment (Thursday lunchtime) it looks like Friday will be quite cloudy with showery outbreaks of rain. There will be bright spells as well as some sunny breaks. Highs around 15ºC

Saturday will be a showery day, some of them heavy, and the best of any sunny breaks will be in the west. It'll feel cool in a northeast wind with highs around 14ºC.

Sunday is expected to be marginally better with sunny breaks developing but also a few showers, these being lighter and more scattered than on Saturday. Highs will be around 16ºC

Monday I think will be the best day of the holiday weekend with sunny spells and just an odd isolated shower; most places will stay dry with light winds and highs of 17ºC.

As always, keep up to date with the latest forecast by checking back here over the weekend.

Enjoy it if you can.


Weekend outlook: Credit: ITV Weather/Met Office