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Stabbed mum delighted over birth of 'miracle baby'

A mum has spoken of her delight at her "miracle baby" after she gave birth by emergency c-section just hours after being stabbed in the stomach.

Lauren Oliver, 25, was seven months pregnant when she suffered multiple wounds in an attack at her home on the morning of June 11.

Lauren says she is "delighted" over baby Harper Credit: Ross Parry

Despite being stabbed in her stomach, Lauren's baby daughter, Harper, was later delivered by Caesarean section in Scunthorpe General Hospital, North Lincs., at 33 weeks and weighing 4lbs 1oz. Little Harper remains in special care but but both she and her mum are doing well.

Riding instructor Lauren, of Belton, Lincolnshire, already mum to six-year-old Ruby, said the newest member to the family is "her little miracle", adding: "Harper is doing really well, she's a fighter.

"We've had loads of people coming to see us, loads of cards, loads of support.

"I'm just so happy everything has turned out ok, of course there was a moment when I thought she wouldn't live to be a week old so it's really good to see her doing so well."

She was just so tiny when she was born, the size of a little doll.

I've been able to hold her quite a bit when they take her out of the incubator, and she is taking milk.

– Lauren Oliver

"She was on a ventillator for the first four days of her life but thankfully she's breathing on her own now, that's a real relief.

"It didn't feel real when I held her for the first time. It was just the best feeling ever. I didn't think she would be there. I can't describe how happy I was.

"Harper has a lot of brown hair and she's perfect. We are both so lucky."Ruby absolutely loves her and can't wait for us all to go home.

"At the moment we have no idea when that will be. We are just taking one day at a time."

Lauren and her "miracle baby" Credit: Ross Parry

The young mum's neighbours spoke of their shock at the traumatic events many witnessed last week, and their relief that mum and baby are both on the mend. Lauren's immediate neighbour Matthew Rawson, 28, said: "Lauren is a fun and bubbly girl...very genuine and a great mum.

"My kids adore her. We're a close community and we are all so relieved they are both fine."

Nothing like that's happened round here before

– Neighbour, Matthew Rawson

Another 50-year old neighbour told how Lauren was taken to hospital by ambulance as the air ambulance hovered overhead. She said: "I can't imagine how her family feel must have gone through. Lauren's a hardworking young mum and a friend of my daughter's.

"Thank goodness they made it through. Someone must have been watching out for them that day."

Nicholas James Leaning, 28, of Scunthorpe, has been charged with one count of attempted murder and one count of attempted child destruction. He will appear in court on Hull Crown Court, East Yorkshire, on Monday. He remains in custody.

The stabbing happened on Ashtree Close in Belton Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Police continue to ask for any information, particularly regarding a silver coloured Ford Focus and a red Seat Leon that may have been seen in the Ashtree Close area on the day of the alleged assault. Anyone who may have information about the incident of June 11 is asked to call Humberside police on 101.