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Calendar Weather - Rest of the Weekend

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High pressure loses it's dominance on the UK's weather as we head into next week. The weather won't exactly be unsettled but more changeable. Drier, brighter breaks will be mixed with more cloud in general and a higher risk of showers Monday and Tuesday - but these will be well scattered and many areas will continue with dry and relatively quiet weather over the coming few days.

Here's your Calendar forecast........


The fine weather of recent days will continue with most places enjoying another dry day with warm sunny and patchy cloud. Winds will remain light throughout, although sea breezez will make it fresher at the coast. Inland highs 19-22C.


Remaining fine and dry overnight. Clear skies and light winds will allow it to turn chilly in rural areas, perhaps with a very isolated mist patch towards dawn and perhaps a little low cloud off the North Sea around The Wash ows 8-10C.


Sunday will again start dry with sunny spells. Perhaps more cloud developing through the afternoon, which could give an isolated light shower to North and West Yorkshire by the end of the day. The majority will stay dry and it will again feel warm in any sunshine. Highs a little warmer if anything. 22C.


A greater risk of the 'odd shower' on Monday and Tuesday, though still fine and dry for most.

The fine and dry weather will probably contiunue into Wednesday.