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Jumping through hoops: Blind dog given special gadget to help it navigate

A dog which was found blind, hungry and abandoned has been given a special new gadget to help him find his way around.

Jumping through hoops: Basil with his new headgear

Basil could not walk without bumping into things and was picked up by rescuers in Leeds.

He has now been fostered in Spalding and, with the help of some headgear from America, he has been given a new lease of life.

Adam Fowler has been to meet him:

The four-year-old Collie cross has been fitted with a metal loop which puts pressure on his shoulders. The hoop helps divert Basil away from anything that could hurt him.

He is the first dog in the UK to be fitted with one after an American company heard about his difficulties and sent one over.

Basil's temporary owner Helena says the device has made a big difference: