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Miracle survival dog is finalist for national award

Penny is a finalist in the PDSA Pet Survivor Awards

Penny the Pointer, from Leeming Bar in North Yorkshire, has been selected as a finalist in a national competition run by a vet charity. The PDSA Pet Survivor Awards recognise the UK’s most incredible tales of miracle pet survival.

Three-year-old Penny was hit by a 50mph lorry on the motorway and left for dead, but is now up against five other pets for the title of PDSA Pet Survivor 2015.

The competition recognises the pets’ incredible survival spirit, the love and devotion of their owners and the skill and dedication of the veterinary teams who helped to save their lives. The winner will be decided by a public vote via the charity’s website.

Penny the morning after her operation

Penny escaped from the house one evening earlier this year, but after hours of searching her family couldn’t find her and feared the worst. Penny had run all the way to the A1 motorway and was hit by a lorry travelling at around 50mph. The driver didn’t stop and left her for dead.

Thankfully, a couple in the car behind witnessed the accident and stopped to help. On discovering Penny, they wrapped her in their coats and nursed her for over an hour until the police and emergency vet could get there.

Penny a month after the accident

Vet Julian Norton attended the scene and took Penny to Skeldale Veterinary Centre, but was unable to trace her owner. Penny’s collar had come off in the accident and the microchip database had a digit wrong in the phone number.

He said: “Penny’s front leg was smashed below the shoulder, she urgently needed surgery and I knew the sooner it went ahead the better the chance of saving her leg. I went ahead, deciding I would foot the bill if necessary.”

Penny six weeks after her operation

Julian operated for three-and-half hours, inserting a metal rod into Penny’s leg, pulling the shattered pieces of bone together like a jigsaw and binding it with wire. He finished at 2am. In the morning Penny’s owner Elaine McGregor, who had been searching for hours and was frantic with worry, contacted the surgery and was finally reunited with her beloved pet.

Penny's scar is hardly visible now

Elaine said: “My worst fears had come true, but I’m so thankful to Julian and those strangers who undoubtedly saved Penny’s life. Penny needed months of rest to make sure her leg healed properly, but she seemed to know she had to stay still. Amazingly she has made a full recovery, and loves to run like the wind again!”

Penny has now fully recovered and loves running around

Elaine nominated Penny for the award after PDSA issued a nationwide call for pets who have dodged disaster, beaten incredible odds or survived death by a whisker.

The other finalists are:

Honey the cat – was blasted in the face with a marble-sized metal ball-bearing

Ozzy the cat – lost his leg after being attacked by a dog

Ruby the kitten – suffered horrific chemical burns to 50% of her body

Suki the Miniature Schnauzer – was left with prolapsed intestines after a dog attack

Ziggy the Staffie – survived being shot through the head with a crossbow

The winner will be decided by a public vote.