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Labour MP urges Corbyn to expel 'intolerant minority' over Syria vote bullying

A Labour MP has called on Jeremy Corbyn to expel party members who abuse and threaten parliamentarians over the vote on military action in Syria.

John Mann MP Credit: Press Association

John Mann said individual MPs were facing an "appalling" level of bullying via social media and email, including threats to orchestrate their deselection if they vote in favour of air strikes.

Former minister Diana Johnson published an email which has been sent to Labour MPs, warning them that they will face a vote of no confidence in their constituencies if they support Prime Minister David Cameron's motion.

The email, purporting to be sent by a party member, warned that this was "the least the Labour Party members will do to try to wash the blood from their hands of the innocent civilians which the bombs will surely kill".

Hull North MP Ms Johnson said she was "saddened" by the message, adding: "It is important to remember that Labour MPs have a free vote and are being asked to do what they believe is right on Wednesday."

Mr Mann highlighted messages sent on Twitter branding one fellow MP "a warmongering piece of crap" and calling for "a final solution to purge Blairite scum" like former leadership candidate Liz Kendall from the party.

Credit: Press Association

Those sending such abuse were "not suitable to remain Labour Party members", he said.

Ms Kendall responded to the abuse on Twitter with the defiant message: "You don't frighten me 'comrade'."

Replying to a message apparently sent by a supporter of the left-wing Momentum group urging members to put pressure on MPs, she wrote: "I will listen to all views, but in the end I will decide according to my conscience and the evidence - not pressure."

One of the messages which Bassetlaw MP Mr Mann complained about was sent from an account claiming to belong to a "special adviser" to Mr Corbyn called Wesley Brown, which has previously been exposed as a fake. Other messages are anonymous or issued under false names.

But Mr Mann said that some of those responsible were clearly identifiable, and called on Mr Corbyn to discipline any who were genuine party members.

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