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MPs set for crunch vote on Syria air strikes

For many, if not all MPs, the decision about voting on military action is the most serious they can make. So it's no wonder really that some say they still haven't made up their minds. Most that have and seem to be falling behind their party leaders, with Conservatives supporting air strikes over Syria and Labour MPs, who have a free vote so they can make up their own minds, following their leader in opposing them.

Hilary Benn Credit: Press Association

But there are some, not many in our part of the world, but some who won't be following party lines and they're mainly in the Labour camp. Those MPs, which include Hilary Benn (Shadow Foreign Secretary) and Dan Jarvis, believe that doing nothing to stop the so called Islamic State isn't an option and something has to be done. Yet many more of Calendar's Labour MPs are expected to oppose military action, including Rotherham's Sarah Champion who said last night she will oppose the motion as she doesn't believe the plan for military action is comprehensive enough and York's Rachael Maskell who said she's received more than a thousand emails from constituents on the issue and most oppose military action.

There has been much in fighting in Labour over how to vote with leader Jeremy Corbyn opposing air strikes but other senior labour figures supporting them. That is the reason Labour MPs have a free vote. But now as MPs decide how they will vote and prepare to have their say the House of Commons today Labour infighting will be forgotten, or paused at least, and the issue of using our military to help try and hinder the advance of I.S. taking the focus.

Credit: Press Association

The motion that MPs will be debating from 11:30am talks about the "unprecedented threat" that Islamic State pose to "international peace and security". Prime Minister David Cameron is confident he will get support from the majority of MPs in today's vote. That vote is likely to be late this evening as MPs will have hours worth of debating first, but if that vote is in favour of military action in Syria then British bombs could be falling there by the end of the week.

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