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Pampered hens relax to Egg Sheeran

The hens think the music is egg-cellent

A farmer in North Yorkshire has had an eggs-cellent idea to help his hens lay more eggs.

Adrian Potter says he's found that the hens enjoy listening to music, with the songs of Ed Sheeran being particular favourites.

More than 250,000 free range hens live at the farm in Thirsk, and lay over 10 million eggs a year.

The independent family business supplies eggs to Asda branches throughout Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire.

Or should it be 'Keep calm and listen to Egg Sheeran'?

Pampering our hens is important because quite simply, happy hens produce better quality eggs and more of them. In addition to feeding them well, keeping the temperature comfortable and giving them space to move around; the hens enjoy a few extra luxuries, which in turn also helps to increase the quality and amount of eggs they produce.

It may sound surprising, but one of the hen comfort techniques we are keen on, is playing music for the hens to listen to at key moments during the day keeping them as mellow – and productive – as possible.

The music they respond to most positively is Ed Sheeran, or as we now know him as, Egg Sheeran. He was born just down the road in Hebden Bridge and the hens are huge fans, when Ed is playing the hens start laying!

– Adrian Potter, Farmer