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Meet Siemens' new Hull workforce as training starts

It is now less than five months until the first wind turbine blades are manufactured by Siemens in Hull and the workers who will be taking up the hundreds of new posts there have now started their training in Denmark.

The turbine components they will produce will help make the Humber the centre of Britain's renewable energy industry, supplying the growing number of offshore wind farms in the North Sea. But their training will take several months and some have decided to move their entire family abroad for the duration including Magda Kay.

"When I applied here, Isabelle was only 14 months old. I didn't want to be separated so this is what I was feeling. I was having a fear that we would have to be separated but yes, Siemens offered the opportunity to actually move here with family and that was really big."

– Magda Kay, trainee.

For five months Magda is living in Aalborg with her husband Nick while she trains at the Siemens plant there.

"Monday till Friday I get a lot of time to spend with Isabelle and then on a weekend we also spend time as a family so yes, you know, we came with some trepidations but now we're feeling very privileged for this experience."

– Nick Kay, Magda's husband.

So many staff will be travelling out to Denmark to train over the coming months that a new route operated by Sun Air has been set up linking Humberside Airport with Aalborg.

"We often had to take connecting flights or we would have to travel to other airports either on the Danish side or the UK side making the whole journey quite time-consuming, quite cumbersome. Having this direct flight, a flight that only lasts an hour and a half between the two airports, makes it that much easier and that much more achievable to move people around."

– Ross Dean, Siemens Hull Commercial Director

While in Denmark the recruits are paired up with colleagues who are doing the same jobs they themselves will do when they return to Hull. The training lasts until August ready for when the Hull plant is due to open in September. It will provide turbine blades for the growing number of wind farms in the North Sea and cement the Humber's place as the centre of Britain's growing renewable energy sector.

Watch James Webster's full report meeting more of the new recruits: