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Band of Builders transforms cancer patient's home

When Keith Ellick was told the devastating news he had terminal cancer his first thoughts were for how his family would cope.

But little did Keith know - others were already planning to help. His boss at his work at a landscaping firm in Lincoln decided he had to do something.

Addam Smith launched a Facebook appeal and recruited volunteers from all over the country to transform Keith's home.

He's one of us you know. Everyone's sat next to a Keith in the van in the morning so these builders from all over the country, landscapers, electricians, plumbers the lot of them they could relate to that.

– Addam Smith

The so called Band of Builders was born. Keith was sent away in true SOS style while workmen descended on his home for a week long transformation.

I couldn't believe that these guys did all this for me some of the guys I didn't even know. I never thought you could get so many people with so good a heart and I've never seen anything like it really.

– Keith Ellick

From outside to in Keith's home has been transformed with a new kitchen, bathroom, living room and landscaping.

Addam though wants to do more. He wants to raise £100,000 so Keith can buy his council house.

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