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'Carly Lovett was like sunshine' say family & friends ahead of Tunisia attack anniversary

The family and friends of Carly Lovett from Lincolnshire have spoken exclusively to Calendar to pay tribute to the 24-year-old a year on from her death following a terrorist attack in Tunisia.

Carly, who was a Lincoln University graduate from Gainsborough, was on holiday with her fiance Liam at the time. He survived. Carly though lost her life, alongside 29 other British tourists.

Now for the first time Carly's best friend and uncle have been sharing their memories of a girl they say 'was like sunshine'.

Carly died in Tunisia last year

She never stood still, she was so close to everybody who was around her, all the times, her family and her friends and we were always laughing, she'd always done something bonkers, and I remember seeing her in Morrisons before she went on holiday, and that was the last time.

The day it happened I was at work and my fiance came to get me and said my mum wanted to talk to me and it didn't register at first. I think I spent ten minutes and then said sort of oh ok and then it hits you like a cannon ball. It took me a little while to feel ok with the world a little bit, now I just feel like lost really sometimes.

– Nicole Matthews, Carly's best friend
NIcole said that Carly was always laughing

Jonathan, Carly's uncle says the whole family has had to pull together in order to cope.

She was loving, a beautiful person, funny, quirky in her own way, clever, like sunshine, she was just as beautiful outside as she was inside. A few Christmases ago Joanne my sister had told her that she didn't think I was going to get many Christmas presents that year so she turned up with a pair of slippers for me. That's the sort of person she was. You see photos that a friend's put on social networking and it sort of brings a smile to your face but it breaks your heart every time as well. It really is just like an overwhelming sadness that we've all got to learn to carry around with us now. Every day she's missed.

– Jonathan, Carly's uncle
Carly's uncle said she was a loving person

She could have done anything couldn't she Carly, if she'd set her mind to it she was going to achieve it. I still find it hard to believe it's happened. It never goes away you just learn to live with it if you can.

– Jonathan
Nicole says Liam and Carly were childhood sweethearts and he is still very much a part of Carly's family

She would have been just involved with everything and her and Liam were gonna get married and then have a family and she would have been a great mum cos she had a great mum. We were supposed to swap stories about being pregnant, we were supposed to talk about when we get married and what dress she was gonna wear and all that sort of stuff and we were supposed to sit at each others wedding and that's just been taken away and it's not fair.

– Nicole