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A weekend of two halves and a spooky sunset

Monday night's sunset over Yeadon 1st September Photo: RUTH LEEMING

My mailbox and Twitter feed is often swamped by amazing photographs after a spectacular sunset but last night's sunset over the old West Riding of Yorkshire was quite dramatic.

Haworth Credit: CAROLYN NICOLL

So what caused it? A very tall cumulo-nimbus cloud to the west cast its shadow onto the under-side of a layer of alto-cumulus clouds that was illuminated by the setting sun

Saltaire Credit: SIMON PAUL SUGDEN

The cumulo-nimbus was very tall and quite far away, in fact studying satellite images, it was over Morecambe bay in the Ulverston area. The shadow was cast over North Lancashire and Yorkshire as far east as Goole and Selby. In fact you can just see the top of the cumulo-nimbus cloud responsible in the bottom of these pictures.

England v Pakistan at Headingley, Leeds Credit: RAY FALLOWFIELD

The phenomenon proved to be an interesting diversion at the England v Pakistan cricket match at Headingley, Leeds.

Looking EAST from Bridgewater Place Leeds Credit: Via twitter @IDB1979

Looking in the opposite direction, i.e. eastwards there was another rare phenomenon of anti-crepuscular rays. These were the 'sunbeams' appearing to disappear off to a point on the eastern horizon. Of course this is just an optical illusion similar to railway lines appearing to converge in the distance.

Wharfedale Credit: STEVE DAVEY

So what are the prospects for this weekend? It'll be a weekend of two halves with rain sweeping in after a bright start Saturday but much brighter with sunshine on Sunday. It'll be a breezy weekend too.