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Attenborough 'flattered' as The Deep name penguin after him

Sir David Attenborough says he is "greatly flattered" after The Deep name a young penguin after him.

The Deep named the young Gentoo penguin after Sir David Attenborough Credit: Press Association

Aquarists at the attraction have recently discovered the sex of the two penguin chicks which hatched back in June this year from DNA in a tail feather.

The first chick to have hatched from parents Nessie and Shackleton is a male and has been named after the well-known naturalist.

Attenborough Credit: The Deep

The second chick from parents Leo and Diane is female and has been named Lizzie in honour of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Lizzie Credit: The Deep

The Deep wrote to inform Sir David Attenborough of his namesake and received a hand written reply stating he is “greatly flattered that you should have given your new Gentoo my name” and congratulating The Deep on “all you are doing to further conservation causes”.

The handwritten letter sent to the attractrion Credit: The Deep

We are very honoured and touched to have received a handwritten reply from Sir David Attenborough. He is an inspiration and an amazing role model who inspires us all by his conservation work and by engaging everyone with the natural world.

– Katy Duke, curator at The Deep

Lizzie and Attenborough are now fully grown and living happily with other adult birds.