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It's bonfire weekend as we take another step towards winter

Skegness fireworks Credit: BARRY SMITH

By ITV Calendar News Meteorologist Jon Mitchell

There's an old weather saying, most of you will have heard it; 'The north wind doth blow and we shall have snow" The wind is set to turn into the north this weekend and we may well have a little wintriness OVER HIGH GROUND, especially the North York Moors.

Cracoe memorial, Wharfedale Credit: IAN TOWNLEY

There! I've used the "S" word for the first time this season but please don't think we will be digging ourselves out of snow drifts this weekend, the snow will only be a light scattering and will be confined to the highest hills. We will all feel the cold though, especially at the coast where the northerly wind will be strong and gusty.

It's not all bad news though, there will be some nice sunny spells by day, especially west of the A1, up towards the Pennines. Expect a touch of frost overnight.

Early next week is set to remain cold but later in the week the wind returns to a westerly quarter so it won't feel quite so chilly.

As ever, keep up to date with the very latest forecast.