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The south wind doth blow and we shall have.... frost!

Icicles on a sand hopper Friday morning east of Leeds Photo: Via Twitter: @JoshSherwin12
Icicles on a sand hopper Friday morning east of Leeds Credit: Via Twitter: @JoshSherwin12

"The north wind doth blow and we shall have snow" says the nursery rhyme but our bitterly cold weather has been coming from the south-east these last few days. Southerly winds are usually warm winds, right? Not always, especially in the winter.

Air from the continent has its origins in Arctic Russia Credit: Met Office/ITV

Continental Europe has been bitterly cold these last few weeks, you may recall me showing pictures of snow on the Costas of Spain, Italy and Greece. This is because their air has been coming from Arctic Russia and now we've had a taste of that coming in the 'back door' via France and southern Europe due to the position of the jet-stream (see above).

Frosty Friday morning at Marsden, West Yorkshire Credit: JANE BASTOW

The weekend is set to be much less cold. In fact we will see the first significant rainfall for two weeks (it has indeed been a 'Dry January'!) Rain is expected Friday night and will last into Saturday morning. Saturday will be an improving day - brightening from the west and whilst it won't be particularly warm, it will be less cold - highs around 6ºC in fact. Sunday will start fine and bright but cloud will thicken from the south to bring rain later. The unsettled (and milder) weather will continue into next week with more rain and wind than we have had of late.

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