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Weather blog: The weekend weather prospects with Jon Mitchell

Pennine areas will be quite cloudy this weekend. Here's a misty day at Froggatt Edge in the Peak District. Photo: KEITH BOWN

For the rest of Friday: Over the Pennines it will be cloudy with extensive hill fog and some occasional rain. However, further east cloud will be broken and it will be mostly dry with bright or sunny periods. Light winds. The maximum temperature will be above average for mid-February at 11°C.

Barlby sky, near Selby. Credit: JOY STEAD

Friday night: Variable amounts of cloud and, where prolonged clear spells occur, some mist or fog patches will form. Most parts will be dry but further light rain over the Pennines is possible. The minimum temperature will be 4 °C.

Saturday: Similar to Friday with cloud, rain and hill fog over the Pennines but brighter, milder and drier further east. It will be breezy at times. The maximum temperature you can expect will be 13°C.

Nice sky over Osgodby, near Selby. Credit: LIZ BROOKE

East is best as it will stay very mild but breezy. The best of any brighter spells will be in the east. Meanwhile there will be plenty of cloud, fog and patchy rain over the Pennines and Dales.

As always, keep up to date with the very latest forecast and have a fab weekend.