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Weekend's Weather Prospects

A wet day in Haworth Photo: ANN JOHNSON

The rest of Friday will stay cloudy and wet with heavy bursts of rain in places this evening. Rain will become increasingly showery after midnight with some drier spells developing. Minimum Temperature 5 °C.

Good weather for ducks Credit: BT JINKS

Saturday: Mostly cloudy with outbreaks of showery rain in the morning. Drier and brighter spells are expected in the afternoon. It will feel less cold compared to Friday; maximum Temperature 9 °C.

It's not all bad news, there will be some brighter spells too. Credit: Via twitter: @saloplarus

Sunday: Cloudy to start with along with some rain, It will become drier and brighter later. The unsettled weather continues into next week. As ever, keep up to date with the very latest forecast.