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Muslim women urged to register their marriage at Bradford event

The importance of registering your marriage was highlighted at an event organised by the Muslim Women's Council (MWC) in Bradford last night.

Credit: Muslim Women's Council

The ‘Register Our Marriage’ (ROM) Roadshow was led by solicitor Aina Khan.

Women in unregistered marriages are left without rights in a British court of law, in the case of divorce and unregistered marriages are steadily rising in the Muslim community.

Aina Khan was joined on the panel by Neil Addison, a barrister at the New Bailey Chambers in Liverpool, and Siddique Patel, head of family department at Kamrans Solicitors, one of West Yorkshire’s leading criminal defence firms.

The Muslim Women’s Council receives calls daily from women enquiring about their marriage rights. Almost half of these calls are from women in unregistered marriages. Bradford is tipped to have the largest Muslim population in the country by 2030, a community which could be vulnerable to the downfalls of unregistered marriages, so it’s incredibly important for men and women in our community to know their rights.

– Bana Gora (CEO, Muslim Women’s Council)

I am talking not just to Muslims. I am addressing all those who think they have a ‘common law’ marriage. There is no such thing in the UK. Everyone needs to know that without that piece of paper, that legal registration, they have no legal rights. Women in such a situation are just a girlfriend with no safety net.

– Aina Khan