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Immediate action required as Boroughbridge set for flooding

The River Tutt is expected to burst its banks Credit: Environment Agency

Residents are being warned to take immediate action as a severe flood warning has been issued for Boroughbridge in North Yorkshire.

The flood warning has been issued in response to heavy rainfall falling on Wednesday, and rising levels on the River Tutt.

The current level of the River Tutt at Boroughbridge is 13.8m and has risen quickly since 4am. We are sending a field team to check the area.

The current level of the River Ure at Boroughbridge is 13.3m and is expected to peak on Thursday afternoon between 13.5m and 14.0m.

Meanwhile the Foss barrier in York is set to be operated as levels rise on the River Ouse.

The Foss Barrier in York Credit: ITV News

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