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Emmerdale wins praise from viewers for the way it revealed Faith Dingle has had a double mastectomy

WARNING: This article contains pictures and video of an actress who has had a double mastectomy.

Emmerdale viewers have praised the ITV soap for portraying Faith Dingle's story as it was revealed that the character had undergone breast cancer surgery.

In an emotional episode on Wednesday, Faith, played by Sally Dexter, held back from a reconciliatory hug with estranged daughter Chas following a heated row.

It later became clear, as Faith removed her bra in front of the mirror and looked at her scars, that she had been preventing Lucy Pargeter's character from noticing that she had had a double mastectomy.

Faith Dingle sits alone, played by Sally Dexter Credit: ITV Studios

One fan wrote on Twitter: "@emmerdale powerful performances by @lucyparge and sally who plays faith and well done to emmerdale of portraying this, have sore eyes now."

Commenting on the writers' decision not to shy away from showing Faith's scars, another posted: "Way to go @emmerdale best soap again showing Faith like that not hiding actually showing it x."

"Well done to @emmerdale for showing such a powerful scene with Faith. Amazingly well acted by Sally Dexter. #Emmerdale," added another.

One fan wrote: "Totally didn't expect that final scene in @emmerdale tonight. Very powerful. Poor Faith, but what a strong woman #Emmerdale."

"I'm delighted we're covering this issue. There are so many people dealing with this situation and they are not alone - they need not be ashamed, more and more women live and thrive with this condition. It certainly shows a more serious side to Faith, but she'll always be a lot of fun. She doesn't do self pity, she believes life is worth living - especially because she nearly lost it."

– Actress Sally Dexter who plays Faith Dingle

As the episode ended, Faith held her head high, appearing determined not to let her medical history ruin the rest of her life: (WARNING: This video clip contains footage of Faith Dingle's double mastectomy)

Sally Dexter, who plays Faith, has not had a mastectomy herself. The scene was filmed with Brigitte Coles from Leeds, who has undergone the procedure and is keen to speak about the procedure and why she volunteers as a mastectomy body double.

Sally's head was digitally added to the Brigitte's body for the scene:

Sally Dexter and Brigitte Coles pose as Faith Dingle Credit: ITV Studios

Among those tweeting last night was Emmerdale actress Laura Norton who plays Kerry Wyatt:

The Emmerdale team have partnered with Macmillan Cancer Support to offer advice to anyone who has been affected by the storyline. For more details visit and follow the links

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