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A dry weekend but will it be sunny? Here's the forecast for the weekend

Plenty of sunshine at Chatsworth Friday. Breezy though. Photo: STUART SLINN

It's typical isn't it. It was a sunny Thursday and a sunny Friday in our region but is that sunshine going to last over the weekend? Is it thump! Sadly I'm expecting it to be more cloudy Saturday, cloud which will bring an odd spot of light rain or drizzle, especially in the south of the region e.g. Lincs. and Notts. I am expecting it to brighten up during the day; best of the sunshine will be in North Yorkshire, especially the Yorkshire Dales.

If you're wondering where all the rain's gone, it's over Spain, Portugal and the western Mediterranean Credit: ITV/Met Office

Sadly we are going to keep those chilly north-easterly winds coming in from the cold North Sea. On Sunday it will again stay dry but there will be more in the way of sunshine with cloud breaking in most places during the afternoon. Still cool though.

High pressure will ensure the fine weather continues next week Credit: Met

Next week we keep high pressure so the weather will stay fine but the good news is, we lose the chilly north-easterly wind so temperatures should rise accordingly. My only worry is that all this dry weather in April and May could well mean we see higher than average rainfall in the summer to make up for it. I hope I'm wrong!