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Spill the Beans: Election chat with Duncan Wood at Dewsbury Market

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ITV Calendar's new 'Spill the Beans' coffee van is out and about speaking to voters ahead of the General Election in June.

This week, the van, with resident barista Mayo, rocked up at Dewsbury Market in West Yorkshire.

Voters shared a coffee with Duncan Wood and spoke to him about the issues that matter to them.

Credit: ITV News

"Locally I'm very concerned about our hospital, Dewsbury Hospital. My two kids were born there, I had an operation there, my whole family has been there and out of there over the years. It has been continually downgraded and I really want a commitment from whoever the MP for Dewsbury is that they will look after it"

– Arif
Credit: ITV News

"NHS is a mess. In fact, the whole country's a mess. Foreign Aid should be halved or stopped to get our own country back in order. I'd be voting Conservative because Labour is a laughing stock. Jeremy Corbyn has got no backbone whatsoever."

– Steve