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30ºC and counting. Is the hot weather going to last?

Great weather for a balloon trip. This was just outside York Sunday morning Photo: MARK RUTHERFORD

After a hot and sunny weekend, the question is now (Monday lunchtime) is it going to last? Our air these last few days has been coming from the Mediterranean Sea. On Tuesday it will be coming from the North Sea. That probably tells you enough to realise it will be much cooler Tuesday especially at the coast.

Greenhow, Nidderdale Credit: Via Twitter @Juliatetley

There is an outside chance of a heavy, thundery shower Monday evening but no more than a 10% chance. For most it will be fine this evening and tonight and, like last night, it will be uncomfortably close again. Overnight low cloud will invade from the north-east.

Alto-cumulus over Halifax Credit: GRAHAM WORMALD

Tuesday will dawn quite cloudy for many but the sun will break up fairly quickly to give long sunny spells. It will feel much cooler though with temperatures around 10 degrees cooler than Monday. In fact it will feel quite chilly at the coast with the wind coming off the sea. Wednesday will see some thundery rain early and late in the day but as we lose the easterly wind it will feel warm and muggy again. Only temporarily though because the second half of the week and the weekend looks to be cooler.