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Pupils encouraged to walk, cycle or scooter to school

Parents asked to walk their children to school

A campaign has being launched in Sheffield today to encourage parents to leave their cars at home - and get their children to walk, ride or scooter to their primary school.

Or, if they live to far away, to 'park and stride' - parking a roughly 10-minute walk from school and completing the journey on foot.

Dozens of schools took part with families asked to commit to one "car-free" day per week. It's thought Sheffield is the first city in the UK to launch a regular car-free day campaign aimed at primary schools.

Organisers point out that active travel can help to increase physical activity, reduce congestion and air pollution, and improve road safety. In addition there is a link between physical activity and educational attainment so it is hoped the initiative will also contribute to children learning better.

These children below had their walk to work turned in to a cabaret show by a local entertainer.

It was all part of an effort to help battle childhood obesity and improve air quality by reducing car fumes. It's hoped families will go 'car free' at least once a week.