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What a wet week that was! But what's in store weather wise this weekend?

It's been a great week for ducks! Photo: CLIVE MITCHELL

Most parts of the Calendar region have not seen any sunshine since Monday. Thanks to an area of low pressure that has out-stayed it's welcome.

Low pressure and fronts have lingered for much of this week Credit: Met Office

In the 48 hours to the 30th June at 0600 GMT,

Fylingdales saw 47.8mm of rain

Wakefield recorded 44.2mm of rain and

Normanby Hall near Scunthorpe 44.0mm of rain.

That's just short of two inches.

Skegness on Tuesday recorded 52.2mm, just over two inches in 24 hours. This is not in the same league, thankfully, as ten years ago in June 2007 but a significant amount nevertheless.

Poor drying weather this last week Credit: ROBERT HINCHCLIFFE

So what does the weekend have in store?

Saturday afternoon Credit: ITV Weather
Saturday afternoon Credit: ITV Weather

It's not a bad weekend weather-wise:

Saturday: Variable amounts of cloud during the morning with some bright spells. More prolonged warm sunny spells during the afternoon before cloud and showery rain arrives from the west during the late evening. Maximum temperature: a pleasant 21 °C.

Rain Saturday night will have cleared by Sunday morning to give another fine and bright day.

Heavy showers are possible Monday. As always, keep up to date with the latest forecast and have a nice weekend.