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South Yorkshire Tram Train service quadruples in price

The Tram Train was unveiled last year Credit: ITV News

A delayed rail project in South Yorkshire will now cost more than four times its original price.

A report from the National Audit Office has revealed that the Tram Train between Sheffield and Rotherham, which is due for completion next year, will now cost more than £75m.

Increase in the cost of the tram train from Rotherham to Sheffield.

The original planned cost of the project was £18.7m and was set to be running at the beginning of this year.

The vehicles can run on both tram and traditional rail tracks.

Network Rail say that there 'have been mistakes made in the running of the project:

We do accept that there's been obviously mistakes made in the running of the project. We changed our management of it last year, we have a new project director, an expert team that's been brought in and now we have a robust plan where we can get to the stage next year where we can hand over the network to Supertram.

– Nick Sandham, Network Rail

You can watch a video report by Martin Fisher below: