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What's the weather forecast this weekend? - Think April.

Cumulus clouds near Lincoln Photo: JOHN STOCKER

This was the weather situation Friday morning:

Low pressure dominates our weather this weekend Credit: ITV Weather/Met Office

Wet and windy weather affecting the west of the U.K. will slowly spread across our region Friday night. This will give a wet start to Saturday at the coast.

Expected weather 8 a.m. Saturday morning Credit: ITV Weather/Met Office

This rain will move away allowing brighter weather with sunshine and showers to dominate Saturday afternoon.

Saturday afternoon Credit: ITV Weather/Met Office

I must stress though; the showers will be well scattered and in the sunshine between the showers it will be very pleasant indeed. Highs will be around 22ºC

It'll be sunshine and showers again Sunday. The showers will be heavy and with light winds, they will be slow-moving and prolonged if you catch one.

Keep up to date with the latest forecast brought to you this weekend by Kerrie Gosney.