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Diana's former butler condemns Channel 4 tapes

Paul Burrell tells ITV the tapes will only upset Prince William and Prince Harry. Photo: ITV Yorkshire

Princess Diana's former butler says the controversial tapes showing Diana talking about her marriage and private life should not be broadcast by Channel 4.

Paul Burrell, from Chesterfield, is a former servant of the British Royal Household. He was a footman for Queen Elizabeth II and later butler to Diana, Princess of Wales.

He told ITV Yorkshire that the documentary almost amounts to "raiding her diary".

I think that those tapes were made privately, for the Princess' own use. I don't think they were made for public consumption. I don't think they should be broadcast

– Paul Burrell

He thinks that the tapes will "only upset Prince William and Prince Harry."

I understand that there is a thirst for new information, but I think it is a step too far. We all need to draw a line underneath it. Remember the good times, her inspiration, what she stood for. That's the right way. It's not going back into the past and delving through laundry ... seedy tapes, and thoughts that were never meant to be public.

– Paul Burrell

The broadcaster has been criticised for its plans to show video of the princess talking in private to a voice coach - ahead of the 20th anniversary of her death.

Channel 4 say the tapes offer an "important contribution to the historical record" about the princess.

Titled Diana: In Her Own Words, the documentary sees the Princess of Wales speak candidly about her upbringing, early relationship with Prince Charles and relationship breakdown.