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Huddersfield ranks third in speeding points table

Drivers in Huddersfield have the third highest number of speeding points per licence in the UK.

Credit: Press Association

Research by Churchill Insurance shows 51,891 speeding points are spread out across 164,000 licensed drivers in the town.

On a regional basis, in terms of collective number of points for speeding, Yorkshire and the Humber came out on top when accounting for the number of driving licence holders per region with nearly 880,000 points from a pool of 3.36 million drivers.

On a local level, Huddersfield was third behind Slough and Taunton in Somerset.

Nationally, there are over 11.6 million penalty points currently held on the licences of British drivers, with 74 per cent of them (8.6 million) related to speeding offences.

These speeding penalties are spread across Britain’s 40 million driving licence holders, resulting from nearly 2.8 million incidents.