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Calendar Weather - Warmer air but humid & cloudy

Cloudy and damp yet warmer on Monday Credit: ITV/Met Office


It should stay fine, with winds easing, although the sunshine is likely to turn hazy later in the day. Highs 20°C.

SUNDAY NIGHT: A dry night is expected, with light winds and occasional clear spells. It will also be rather cool, with some isolated patches of mist or fog possible by dawn. Lows 8°C.


Dry for much of the day, with a few early brighter spells, but generally with outbreaks of rain possible, especially across the Dales. eastern areas staying mainly dry. Highs 20°C.

Warmer but humid and cloudy. Rain will freshen things up early Wednesday Credit: ITV/Met Office


Early drizzle and hill fog clearing north Tuesday, then cloudy, warm and humid.

Rain moving east early on Wednesday before clearing to fresher conditions and sunny spells. Turning breezy with scattered showers Thursday.