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'Happy ending' for troubled couple hints Emmerdale producer

There could be a 'happy ending' in store for Emmerdale's troubled couple Nell Fairfax and Jai Sharmer according to programme producer Ian MacLeod.

Emmerdale's troubled couple Nell Fairfax and Jai Sharmer. Credit: Press Association

Things are about to step up a few notches between the unlikely pair, played by Scarlett Archer and Chris Bisson after a pregnancy bombshell threatens their relationship. But viewers will then see Jai finally going shopping for an engagement ring.

Both actors have suggested that stating a family could in fact be a positive move for their characters.

After an awkward moment last week where Nell mistakenly thought Jai had planned to propose, MacLeod said: "(Having a baby) is a big, intimidating life event and Jai and Nell are still quite new; I know soap years are like dog years but it's still quite early for them."

He added: " There are all kinds of reasons for Jai to be a bit anxious, but he is still seeing this as his happy ending."

Archer said that the thought of a new arrival and potential wedding was a dream come true for her character who "feels like everything has fallen into place".

Hinting that the pair will get eventually get to tie the knot, Bisson, continued; "I do like a soap wedding, but it's always a disaster... so that's always fun."