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Police whip round after boy's Paw Patrol savings stolen

Pictured left to right, DC Richard Gray, Lydia Coy, William Coy and DC Amy Skelton. Credit: Lincolnshire Police

An unscrupulous burglar had no hesitation when he made off with a Paw Patrol money tin belonging to a five-year-old boy.

Kennie Owen, 38, had climbed in through a window of the Coy family home in Lincoln, taking numerous items. He was later caught and sentenced to three years in prison.

But little William Coy's money tin had been torn open and emptied of the change he had collected from pocket money and the tooth fairy.

Kind-hearted police officers who had investigated the burglary decided the tin couldn’t possibly be returned in that state, so they bought him another one and filled it with donations of loose change from staff at West Parade Police Station.

It was then returned to a delighted William, along with other items that had been taken in the burglary. His mum, Kate, said the kindness of the police had been "above and beyond" and would stay with the family for a long time.

It is always rewarding to be able to reunite victims of crime with their stolen property, or to ensure a conviction of an offender. In this case we were able to go that little bit further by replacing William’s Paw Patrol money tin, filled with donations from officers and staff at Lincoln.

– Investigating officer DC Amy Skelton